PUBLI : Pascale Laborier, Catherine Gousseff, Aline Angoustures, Tristan Leperlier, « Academics in a Century of Displacement », Springer, 2024

Abstract. ‘Endan­gered scho­lars’ is a recently highly rele­vant, yet histo­rical notion. Embedded in the greater history of the 20th and 21st centu­ries, it captures the pheno­menon of scho­lars who, after years of intel­lec­tual work and inte­gra­tion in their socie­ties of origin, are forced to seek rescue in foreign host socie­ties. The pres­sing urgency of the topic thus has an impor­tant histo­rical back­ground. From esca­ping Russian intel­lec­tuals after 1917 to the protec­tion of Jewish refu­gees during World War II, Alge­rian intel­lec­tuals in contem­po­rary history, or perse­cuted acade­mics from Turkey today : Over the course of about a century, cate­go­ries of inclu­sion, trans­na­tional rela­tions, and forms of agency of scho­lars at risk remained surpri­singly stable (and hence diachro­nously and synchro­nously compa­rable) while they also adjusted flexibly to contem­po­rary condi­tions. This collec­tive volume carves out this histo­rical deve­lop­ment and its recent expres­sions. It brings toge­ther resear­chers in a vivid yet largely uncon­nected field of migra­tion and refugee studies. By deve­lo­ping a complex image of the origin of the global history and poli­tics of protec­ting endan­gered scho­lars from the early 20th century until today, the book contri­butes to research on acade­mics in exile as a part of refugee research, migra­tion studies, the history of higher educa­tion, and the contem­po­rary history of socie­ties. The inter­dis­ci­pli­nary volume explores the pheno­menon as a histo­rical, poli­tical and legal subject, brings toge­ther scho­lars of forced migra­tion and intel­lec­tual studies, and includes currently affected scho­lars into those reflections.

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