PUBLI : Pellet, Sandra, and Marine de Talancé. “Is There a Gender Gap in Health among Migrants in Russia?” The Journal of Development Studies 59, no. 12 (2023): 1927–48


This study inves­ti­gates whether there is a gender gap in health among migrants. Focu­sing on migrants from Uzbe­kistan and Taji­kistan in Russia, where there are high levels of both immi­gra­tion and gender inequa­lity, this paper exploits unique data collected by the authors recor­ding detailed infor­ma­tion on health and migra­tion trajec­to­ries. We find that migrant women are on average in poorer health than migrant men. This gender gap is only partly explained by gender diffe­rences in observed socioe­co­nomic, demo­gra­phic, living and working charac­te­ris­tics and diffe­rences in pre-migra­tion health. We show that migrant women’s health is more likely than men’s to dete­rio­rate during migra­tion. This women’s health disad­van­tage is sensi­tive to the migra­tion profile, as it only appears after a certain time spent migra­ting and for migrants with a vulne­rable legal status. These results call for targeted public health poli­cies to address this gender health gap.

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