PUBLI : Simeng Wang, « Chinese Migration to and within Europe : Continuity and Renewal in the Light of Demographic Factors and the Impact of Covid-19 »,  Journal of Chinese Overseas, vol. 19, n°2, 2023


Under the chan­ging demo­gra­phic effects of Chinese migra­tory waves in Europe and in the global context of the Covid-19 pandemic, Chinese migra­tory patterns to Europe as well as the lives of migrants and their descen­dants in Euro­pean coun­tries have been renewed since the 2010s, both in mate­rial and symbolic or emotional ways. This special issue includes five articles shed­ding new light on the patterns of Chinese migra­tion to Europe, and on the dyna­mics of their everyday lives in and beyond the Euro­pean coun­tries. As the special issue editor, I first argue that Chinese over­seas, as an impor­tant part of global China, offer a privi­leged site of study for unders­tan­ding Chinese society from inside and outside. Then, based on the lite­ra­ture review on Chinese migra­tion to and within Europe from the 1980s to post-2020, I intro­duce speci­fi­ci­ties of contem­po­rary Chinese migra­tion to Europe and the Chinese presence in Euro­pean coun­tries, and high­light four main demo­gra­phic features : the growth in the popu­la­tion of descen­dants, the aging of the first-gene­ra­tion migrants, the massive arrival of students and skilled migrants, and the femi­ni­za­tion of migra­tion. Thirdly, I provide an over­view of the five articles included in this special issue. Finally, I conclude the intro­duc­tion by under­lying the contri­bu­tions of this volume, the theo­re­tical frame­works that they borrow and conso­li­date, and new avenues for research opened up by this special issue.