PUBLI : Simeng Wang (dir.), Chinese in France amid the Covid-19 Pandemic : Daily Lives, Racial Struggles and Transnational Citizenship of Migrants and Descendants, Brill, 2023


The day after the epidemic broke out in Wuhan, Chinese people in France are already busy sending masks across borders and sharing media infor­ma­tion ; at the same time, a signi­fi­cant number of Chinese people are victims of racist attacks, insults and discri­mi­na­tion in France. Based on both quan­ti­ta­tive and quali­ta­tive empi­rical data, this book reveals the new dyna­mics and inter­ac­tions gene­rated by the Covid-19 pandemic not only between different sub-groups of Chinese in France, but also between ethnic Chinese and their both coun­tries : China and France. Mutual aid, local or trans­na­tional soli­da­rity, inclu­sion initia­tives, like any act of exclu­sion and hosti­lity, invite you to ques­tion the essence of huma­nity in trans­na­tional settings, beyond the racia­li­za­tion of the Covid-19 virus.

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