Alice Fill : « Digital transformation of the migration regime in Africa : developments and setbacks between Human Rights and Migration Governance »

Alice Fill est docto­rante à l’École Normale Supé­rieure (ENS), Chaire de Géopo­li­tique du risque

Direc­teur de thèse : James Peter BURGESS, École Normale Supé­rieure (ENS), Répu­blique des savoirs : Lettres, Sciences, Philo­so­phie (UAR 3608)

Codi­rec­teur de thèse : 

Sujet de thèse : « Digital trans­for­ma­tion of the migra­tion regime in Africa : deve­lop­ments and setbacks between Human Rights and Migra­tion Governance »

The project inves­ti­gates the processes of digi­ta­li­sa­tion and data­fi­ca­tion in Africa targe­ting forced migrant popu­la­tions and resul­ting from the progres­sive tech­no­lo­gi­za­tion of both border control and huma­ni­ta­rian assis­tance. Moving from an inter­dis­ci­pli­nary pers­pec­tive that arti­cu­lates Critical Secu­rity Studies and Science and Tech­no­logy Studies in dialogue with Inter­na­tional Human Rights Law, the project explores the multi-layered impli­ca­tions of these trends in key areas of migra­tion gover­nance, follo­wing exem­plary tech­no­lo­gies deployed by national, regional, and inter­na­tional stake­hol­ders while proble­ma­ti­sing forms of data extrac­ti­vism and techno-colo­nia­lism. Its ambi­tion is to contri­bute to the elabo­ra­tion of juri­dical and socio-poli­tical know­ledge on these pheno­mena, discus­sing human rights chal­lenges and accoun­ta­bi­lity frameworks.

Alice Fill est ratta­chée aux dépar­te­ments POLICY et GLOBAL.

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