PUBLI : Ilgi Bozdag, Celio Sierra-Paycha and Armelle Andro, « Temporary Adjustment or Normative Change ? Fertility and Marriage Preferences of Syrian Refugees in Turkey in the Context of Forced Migration », Frontiers in Human Dynamics, vol. 3, 2022, en ligne


Turkey has the highest number of refu­gees in the world and is currently home to 3.7 million Syrians who had to flee from their country due to the conflict that started in 2011. This paper aims to focus on the ferti­lity and marriage prefe­rences of Syrian refu­gees by using a widely used quali­ta­tive research method Focus Group Discus­sions. The main findings revealed that socio-demo­gra­phic indi­ca­tors, the depar­ture and arrival condi­tions in home and host country and the current place of resi­dence had affected how fami­lies and indi­vi­duals adjusted them­selves and how they changed their ferti­lity and marriage plans since their arrival in Turkey. Yet, the main findings also showed that while forced migra­tion caused norma­tive changes on some, some others reacted and saw these changes just as a tempo­rary adjustment.

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