AAC : Dossier « Migration health around the globe – a construction site with many challenges », International Journal of Public Health — LIMITE : 15/​03/​2023

Call for Papers

Migra­tion is a non-stop, ongoing, global pheno­menon. People have always moved across borders, but today much of this move­ment is spurred by unbea­rable condi­tions at home. Conflict (unrest), war (civil and ethnic), perse­cu­tion, (gendered) violence, suppres­sion of basic human rights, forced reset­tle­ment, poverty, and climate change all drive people to leave their homes. Many migrants endure severe hard­ship on the way to desti­na­tions they hope will become better homes for them and their fami­lies. The coun­tries they pass through on their search for refuge vary widely, but all face chal­lenges in provi­ding adequate primary health care to migrants and refu­gees. Nations must rethink their immi­gra­tion poli­cies (poli­tical, admi­nis­tra­tive, offi­cial) and improve medical condi­tions for those in transit, so they can provide better care for migrants and refugees.

We call for Original Articles and Reviews on topics related to migrant or refugee health and health care from any disci­pli­nary and national pers­pec­tives, e.g. on

  • Migrant heal­th­care needs in insti­tu­tional settings (e.g., over­co­ming language barriers, meeting womens’ specific health needs, socio-cultural or tradi­tional influences on heal­th­care-seeking behavior)
  • Heal­th­care provi­ders’ atti­tudes and health services for migrants and refugees
  • Studies on health during migra­tion or flight, also from refu­gees’ perspectives
  • Health of migrants and refu­gees in vulne­rable situa­tions, e.g., during the Covid-19 pandemic, war
  • Migra­tion health research, colla­bo­ra­tion and resource allo­ca­tion mecha­nisms (for finan­cial, mate­rial, personnel, and research resources) that improve collaboration
  • Inno­va­tive trai­ning for health profes­sio­nals to improve the health of migrants and refu­gees, provide cultu­rally sensi­tive care, and meet the specific needs of women

The Call is open from 15 March 2022 until 15 March 2023.

Please submit the full manus­cript. Articles accepted for publi­ca­tion will appear in the online special issue about 3 weeks after accep­tance. All IJPH rules for double-blind peer review, article types, format and article proces­sing charges (APC) apply. The GLOBEQUITY program of IJPH offers a limited number of waivers for first authors from low and middle income countries !

If you have any ques­tions, please contact the IJPH Edito­rial Office, ijph@​swisstph.​ch.

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