PUBLI : Florence Lévy, « Migrate to divorce, to overcome divorce, or to avoid divorce ? Divorce and migration nexus among Chinese (wo)men migrants in Paris », Population, Space and Place, 2022


Drawing on 10-year ethno­gra­phic field­work in France and China with Northern Chinese migrants in Paris, this paper analyses the imbri­ca­tion of divorce and migra­tion. Most women had divorced before leaving China, a smaller group divorced after arri­ving in France, many of them try to remarry abroad, while men respon­dents were almost all married in China. Relying on an inter­sec­tional approach and a trans­na­tional pers­pec­tive, this paper unveils how married or divorcee status have influenced their choices to move or to remain in China, to stay abroad or return. More gene­rally, it examines how the gendered social norms on family, marriage and divorce shape migrants” agency and how it may vary accor­ding to social class, gender, age, marital and migra­tion status. The paper ques­tions the trans­na­tional power of gender norms and observes how the scripts on family and divorce in China traverse state borders and continue to struc­ture migrants” trans­na­tional experiences.

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