PUBLI : Olivier Bargain, Victor Stephane et Jérôme Valette, « Another brick in the wall. Immigration and electoral preferences : Direct evidence from state ballots », Review of International Economics, 2022


We study the impact of immi­gra­tion on elec­toral outcomes at the census tract level in Cali­fornia between 2010 and 2018. Infor­ma­tion on actual ballot propo­si­tions is used to inves­ti­gate immi­grant-related motives under­lying a shift in poli­tical prefe­rences. A rise in immi­gra­tion is asso­ciated with a decrease in the support for Demo­cratic candi­dates and measures. This effect is driven by poli­cies pertai­ning to redis­tri­bu­tion, public good provi­sion, and justice/​crime. It is stronger when immi­grants are less assi­mi­lated and origi­nate from poor and cultu­rally distant countries

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