PUBLI : Luis Becerra-Valbuena and Katrin Millock, « Gendered migration responses to drought in Malawi », Journal of Demographic Economics, vol. 87, n° 3, 2021


This article explores how marriage insti­tu­tions interact with droughts to shape different migra­tion responses by women and men. The authors construct a retros­pec­tive panel using data from the Living Stan­dards Measu­re­ment Study-Inte­grated Surveys of Agri­cul­ture (LSMS-ISA) from Malawi over the period 2000 to 2016 combined with meteo­ro­lo­gical indices of drought. Malawi expe­rienced several drought episodes during this period and the authors compare indi­vi­duals in similar age groups moving in the same year, some from districts with drought, some from districts without drought, using a quasi-expe­ri­mental setting. Tradi­tio­nally, Malawi prac­tices patri­lo­ca­lity under which men pay bride prices to the family of the bride, and the bride moves to the groom’s family. In such a setting a drought could lead to an increase in child marriages and the authors set out to test this hypothesis.

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