PUBLI : Simeng Wang, Chinese Migrants in Paris. The Narratives of Illusion and Suffering, Brill, Chinese Overseas, 2021, 202 p. 

This research employs the narra­tive of mental suffering as a prism through which to study Chinese migra­tion in France. It provides new analyt­ical angles and new perspec­tives on the para­dox­ical exis­tence and condi­tions of the migrants, and traces the social links between indi­vid­uals and soci­eties, objec­tivity and subjec­tivity, the real and the imaginary.

The ethno­graphic survey in this study is situ­ated in the context of the trans­for­ma­tion of Chinese society over the last forty years. Dr. Wang decon­structs the stereo­types of Chinese people, demon­strates the dynamics of social mobil­i­ties and hetero­ge­neous living condi­tions of Chinese migrants, who expe­ri­ence and narrate happi­ness as well as pain, joy as well as sorrow, and hope as well as despair.

The trans­versal approach used to analyse the hetero­geneity within an ethnic group will be of interest to scholars of migra­tion studies in general.

Le livre est par ailleurs disponible en français aux Éditions rue d’Ulm (Paris, 2017), dans la collec­tion « Sciences sociales » dirigée par Florence Weber.

Page de référence : https://​brill​.com/​v​i​e​w​/​t​i​t​l​e​/56165