PUBLI : Florent Chossière, « Refugeeness, Sexuality, and Gender : Spatialized Lived Experiences of Intersectionality by Queer Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Paris », Frontiers in Human Dynamics, vol. 3, 2021, p. 1 – 13.

In the last few years, asylum claims based on sexual orien­ta­tion and/​or gender iden­tity (SOGI) have received increased atten­tion within migra­tion and queer studies. Mostly focusing on the refugee status deter­mi­na­tion process, these works have empha­sized how the expec­ta­tions of asylum insti­tu­tions about “genuine queer refugees” lead to the exclu­sion of many appli­cants from SOGI asylum. This paper aims at shifting the analysis perspec­tive from the legal cate­go­riza­tion process to the impacts of everyday expe­ri­enced cate­gories of “asylum seekers” or “refugees” on queer migrants in the Parisian area. Using a three-year long ethno­graphic field­work, completed through inter­views with queer asylum seekers and refugees, this paper inves­ti­gates how refugee­ness, under­stood as the objec­tive and subjec­tive effects of migra­tion and asylum poli­cies on indi­vid­uals, contributes to shaping lived expe­ri­ences of sexual and gender minori­ties in France. By drawing atten­tion to the ways that the multiple power rela­tion­ships queer asylum seekers and refugees have to face are spatially grounded, this paper discusses how an inter­sec­tional under­standing of sexu­ality, gender, and refugee­ness allows us to empha­size the role played by migra­tion status in the nego­ti­a­tion of hetero- and cisnor­ma­tivity. This paper also argues that far from remaining passive toward the cate­go­riza­tion process they are subjected to, queer asylum seekers and refugees strate­gi­cally appro­priate the admin­is­tra­tive cate­gories with which they are asso­ci­ated. Such an analysis of lived expe­ri­ences of queer asylum seekers and refugees in the country of arrival thus high­lights the complex reshaping of social loca­tion caused by migration.

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