PUBLI : Florent Chossière, « Refugeeness, Sexuality, and Gender : Spatialized Lived Experiences of Intersectionality by Queer Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Paris », Frontiers in Human Dynamics, vol. 3, 2021, p. 1–13.

In the last few years, asylum claims based on sexual orien­ta­tion and/​or gender iden­tity (SOGI) have received increased atten­tion within migra­tion and queer studies. Mostly focu­sing on the refugee status deter­mi­na­tion process, these works have empha­sized how the expec­ta­tions of asylum insti­tu­tions about “genuine queer refu­gees” lead to the exclu­sion of many appli­cants from SOGI asylum. This paper aims at shif­ting the analysis pers­pec­tive from the legal cate­go­ri­za­tion process to the impacts of everyday expe­rienced cate­go­ries of “asylum seekers” or “refu­gees” on queer migrants in the Pari­sian area. Using a three-year long ethno­gra­phic field­work, completed through inter­views with queer asylum seekers and refu­gees, this paper inves­ti­gates how refu­gee­ness, unders­tood as the objec­tive and subjec­tive effects of migra­tion and asylum poli­cies on indi­vi­duals, contri­butes to shaping lived expe­riences of sexual and gender mino­ri­ties in France. By drawing atten­tion to the ways that the multiple power rela­tion­ships queer asylum seekers and refu­gees have to face are spatially grounded, this paper discusses how an inter­sec­tional unders­tan­ding of sexua­lity, gender, and refu­gee­ness allows us to empha­size the role played by migra­tion status in the nego­tia­tion of hetero- and cisnor­ma­ti­vity. This paper also argues that far from remai­ning passive toward the cate­go­ri­za­tion process they are subjected to, queer asylum seekers and refu­gees stra­te­gi­cally appro­priate the admi­nis­tra­tive cate­go­ries with which they are asso­ciated. Such an analysis of lived expe­riences of queer asylum seekers and refu­gees in the country of arrival thus high­lights the complex resha­ping of social loca­tion caused by migration.

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