PUBLI : Solène Brun, « Cécité partielle. Procédure d’adoption et colorblindness institutionnelle en France », French Politics, Culture & Society, vol. 38, n° 3, 2021, p. 40–63..


While France is largely consi­dered a “color­blind” society, which hinders any public use of racial cate­go­ries, this article explores the case of inter­na­tional proce­dure, arguing that it consti­tutes an excep­tion to insti­tu­tional color­blind­ness in the French context. Racial cate­go­ries are not only expli­citly used on a daily basis by adop­tion profes­sio­nals, but their use is also offi­cially encou­raged, yet in an ambi­guous way. In this regard, adop­tion proce­dures operate as a moment of color conscious­ness for many adop­tive parents. By focu­sing on this parti­cular case study, the article aims more gene­rally to unpack the stakes of the taboo surroun­ding race in France.

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