Mardi 11 février 2020 — Séminaire DYNAMICS

  • Chris­tina Gath­mann (Heidel­berg University) ;
  • Juan Luksic (PSE).
  • 16:30–19:00 ;
  • PSE, 48 Bd Jourdan 75014 Paris, Salle R1-09.

Chris­tina Gath­mann (Heidel­berg University)
Marginal Returns to Citi­zen­ship and Skill Development

We esti­mate the marginal returns to citi­zen­ship on skill deve­lop­ment for chil­dren of immi­grants. Two national reforms in 1991 and 2000 intro­duced birthright citi­zen­ship (and an asso­ciated tran­si­tional rule) for second-gene­ra­tion immi­grants and laid out eligi­bi­lity criteria for natu­ra­li­za­tion for first gene­ra­tion immi­grants in Germany. We show substan­tial hete­ro­ge­neity in returns to citi­zen­ship with the highest returns for those with the highest resis­tance to take-up. We also find that immi­grant chil­dren born in Germany are both more likely to obtain a German passport and have higher returns from citi­zen­ship. Better language skills further trans­late into a lower proba­bi­lity of grade reten­tion, whereas other skills (like in math or natural science) and school perfor­mance (grades or school track) seem to be una_​ected. Policy simu­la­tions suggest that expan­ding eligi­bi­lity for birthright citi­zen­ship would improve educa­tional outcomes by less than expan­ding overall take-up.

Juan Luksic (PSE)
Can immi­gra­tion affect students skills-based neigh­bo­rhood effect ? Lessons from the recent migra­tory wave in Chile

This paper evaluates how much a child can learn in a neigh­bo­rhood before and after foreign students arrive using the recent migra­tory pheno­menon in Chile. I do so by esti­ma­ting muni­ci­pa­li­ty’s causal effect on chil­dren’s skills rank at 4th grade (10 years old) condi­tional on the mother educa­tion rank in two windows : before and after the large wave of immi­grants. Follo­wing Chetty and Hendren (2018) metho­do­logy I esti­mate each muni­ci­pa­lity” effect using a fixed effect regres­sion model iden­ti­fied by students who move across muni­ci­pa­li­ties at different ages. I found that on average there is no effect of foreign students on muni­ci­pa­lity effect. Never­the­less, it seems that when immi­gra­tion is higher than a thre­shold there is a nega­tive effect.