PUBLI :Tegiye Birey, Celine Cantat, Ewa Maczynska and Eda Sevinin, Challenging the Political Across Borders : Migrants’ and Solidarity Struggles, Central European University, 2019, online (open acess)

While recent years have seen the reas­ser­tion of exclu­sio­nary, anti-migrant poli­tics and discourses, migrant-led and soli­da­rity struggles contes­ting migra­tion and border regimes have also risen and gained in visi­bi­lity. How new are those struggles ? What do they mean for our unders­tan­ding and prac­tice of poli­tics and the poli­tical ? What possi­bi­li­ties for change do they open up, and what limi­ta­tions may they face ? Based on chap­ters by a range of acade­mics and acti­vists engaged in border and migra­tion struggles, Chal­len­ging the Poli­tical Across Borders : Migrants’ and Soli­da­rity Struggles examines the prac­tices, struc­tures, and meanings of soli­da­rity with and by migrants and refu­gees in Europe and beyond. Brin­ging toge­ther empi­rical, concep­tual and histo­rical insights, the volume inter­ro­gates struggles unfol­ding on the ground and situates them within a critical analysis of histo­rical and current mobi­lity regimes, and how these have been resisted. This collec­tion will be of interest to students and acade­mics working on migra­tion and social struggles, as well as to acti­vists, volun­teers and those inter­ested in new forms of solidarity.
« Written in the after­math of the “Euro­pean refugee crisis” of 2015, this agenda-setting volume turns to concep­tual reflec­tions on the meaning and struc­tures of soli­da­rity with and by migrants and refu­gees. It connects global processes with local responses, scru­ti­nises the poli­tical archi­tec­ture of citizen-state-nation nexus and dares to compli­cate, proble­ma­tise and contex­tua­lise pro-migrant solidarity. »

Olena Fedyuk, Visi­ting Research Fellow, Depart­ment of Work, Employ­ment and Orga­ni­sa­tion, Stra­th­clyde Busi­ness School, Univer­sity of Stra­th­clyde, Glasgow
« This inter­dis­ci­pli­nary volume offers an impor­tant and timely insight on migra­tion soli­da­rity initia­tives and migrants’ struggles during the “Euro­pean refugee crisis”. The rich collec­tion of case-studies in different national settings is a valuable record of a diverse and multi­fa­ceted soli­da­rity land­scape that resists norma­tive interpretations. »

Kate­rina Rozakou, Assis­tant Professor of Anthro­po­logy, Panteion Univer­sity of Social and Poli­tical Sciences, Athens

Table of contents

Intro­duc­tion – Tegiye Birey, Celine Cantat, Ewa Maczynska and Eda Sevinin

Part I : Re-histo­ri­ci­sing and re-concep­tua­li­sing mobi­lity regimes and solidarity

1. Remem­be­ring and Forget­ting Refu­gees – Forced migrants, inclu­sion and exclusion
Philip Marfleet
2. Counter-mapping as method : migrants’ Europe and its “external” frontiers
Martina Tazzioli

Part II : Prac­tices of Solidarity

3. In the world : Action and fabri­ca­tion by and on behalf of undo­cu­mented persons
Mikael Spang and Anna Lundberg
4. From margin to centre ? Prac­ti­sing new forms of Euro­pean poli­tics and citi­zen­ship in the Calais ”Jungle”
Timothy Hall, Aura Lounasmaa and Corinne Squire
5. What’s so radical about refugee squats ? An explo­ra­tion of urban commu­nity based responses to mass
displa­ce­ment in Athens
Tahir Zaman
6. The rise and fall of migra­tion soli­da­rity in Belgrade : margi­na­li­sing soli­da­rity and insti­tu­tio­na­li­sing aid
Celine Cantat

Part III : Contes­ting and Chal­len­ging « Soli­da­rity » : Alter­na­tive Soli­da­ri­ties, Varying Struggles

7. Employing Refu­gees, Deploying Huma­ni­ta­rian Aid
Eda Sevinin
8. Imagi­ning the Other : the symbolic construc­tion of poli­tical entit­le­ment and exclu­sion among Mexican
migrants in Sweden
Guillermo Merelo
9. Transit migra­tion : Hungary as centrally peripheral
Annas­tiina Kallius

After­word – Prem Kumar Rajaram

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