Marguerite Cognet et Patricia Carlier, « Racism and Healthcare : Representations of the ‘Other’ in Health Services », SOJ Psychology, 2018

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The heal­th­care field, renowned to be huma­ni­ta­rian and egali­ta­rian, has for a long­time remained sealed off from socio­lo­gical studies focu­sing on racism and discri­mi­na­tion ethics. However, studies illus­trate another face where preju­dices based on certain origins specific to skin color­re­veal them­selves. These expres­sions are present, in part, in care recei­vers, who refuse to be approa­ched or touched by care­gi­vers of ‘unap­pea­ling’ skin colors. They can also be observed in preju­diced and stereo­ty­pical repre­sen­ta­tions that heal­th­care profes­sio­nals harbor, which then trans­late into unequal heal­th­care treat­ments. These are the reali­ties of health services that we wish inves­ti­gate here by revie­wing various studies conducted in France. Firstly we will evoke the kinds of situa­tions that exem­plify the expres­sions of certain forms of racism present in patients of nursing care. Secondly, we will explain how patients then mimic the racism that health care profes­sio­nals them­selves practice.