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How are discourses on migration and migration flows related ?

How do the media and poli­ti­cians frame migra­tion flows in public discourses ? To what extent these discourses relate to actual migra­tion and asylum flows ?

Both media and poli­ti­cians react diffe­rently to various inter­na­tional move­ments of people accor­ding to inco­mers origin, natio­na­lity and socio-poli­tical and economic contexts in which discourses are anchored. They also both construct discourses about migra­tion and notably about “migra­tion crises”, absent any substan­tial inflows of migrants, but in connec­tion with broader national or inter­na­tional poli­tical issues. The DIMIG project intends to better unders­tand the inter­ac­tions between migra­tion flows, the media and poli­tical discourses. This rela­tion­ship is part of a more general puzzle in social sciences : How do discourses shape (mis)representations of social realities ?

The project brings toge­ther econo­mists, poli­tical scien­tists, geogra­phers and data scien­tists and relies upon mixed methods. It is orga­nised in two work packages that will be carried out from 2023 to 2025. The project members are grateful to the Institut Conver­gences Migra­tions and the Fonda­tion de France for their finan­cial support of 72,000€, without which the project would not have been possible.

The project is split in two work packages and teams :

  1. A team based at CERI-Sciences po led by Hélène Thiollet, toge­ther with its partner insti­tu­tions works on migra­tion crisis discourses, pola­ri­sa­tion and geogra­phical imagi­na­tions in the media across multiple contexts (France, Iran, Italy, Poland, Turkey, the UK and the US) ⇒ learn more
  2. A team based at the Depart­ment of Econo­mics at Univer­sité Paris 1 led by Léa Marchal and Claire Naiditch, works on poli­tical discourses on immi­gra­tion in France ⇒ learn more