What does the history of the Ukraine-Poland border tell us about the ongoing war ?

Inter­view with Cathe­rine Goussef, histo­rian (video in french)

For the young nation-state of Ukraine, whose sovereignty is now threatened by russian might, the invasion on 24 february 2022 reawakens the long and difficult story of how its current territory was forged. Catherine Gousseff, a historian and specialist of soviet migration, retraces the history of the ukrainian borders, marked by war and population displacement. For De Facto, she describes the main stages of their formation from the 20th century up to the present day. 

To find out more
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The author

Cathe­rine Gous­seff is a CNRS research director atta­ched to the Centre d’études des mondes russe, cauca­sien et centre-euro­péen (CERCEC). She is a fellow of CI Migra­tion where she heads the GLOBAL department.

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Cathe­rine Gous­seff “What does the history of the Ukraine-Poland border tell us about the ongoing war?” in : Antonin Durand, Thomas Chopard, Cathe­rine Gous­seff and Claire Zalc (eds.), Feature “Migra­tion and the borders of Ukraine at war”, De facto [Online], 33 | June 2022, posted online on 24 June 2022. URL : https://www.icmigrations.cnrs.fr/en/2022/11/07/defacto-033–02/


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