The French Collab­o­ra­tive Insti­tute on Migra­tion (CIMi­gra­tion) is a unique research program in France that asso­ciates social sciences, human­i­ties and health sciences in the field of migra­tion studies. The Insti­tute, headed by Professor François Héran (Collège de France) is currently orga­nized in 5 depart­ments gath­ering almost 400 researchers from (mostly) French and inter­na­tional univer­si­ties. All disci­plines, research methods and case studies are repre­sented in the work of the fellows. Together, the fellows study migra­tion —under­stood in a broad meaning- without time or space limit to capture today’s migra­tion high­lights. The CIMi­gra­tion regu­larly orga­nizes seminar, scien­tific events, publishing activ­i­ties and funds emerging projects and PhD grants. It has also devel­oped its own Master degree program. The Insti­tute fosters a dialogue between science and society thanks to part­ner­ships with civil society stake­holders. Research devel­oped at the Insti­tute resonates with global acad­emic interest on the topic of migration.

The objec­tive of the first inter­na­tional confer­ence of the CIMi­gra­tion is to stim­u­late a dialogue between the research led by the fellows and inter­na­tional research hotspots. The confer­ence provides a focused entry points for debates along five cutting-edge topics in migra­tion studies : welcoming poli­cies elab­o­rated by cities ; the nexus between migra­tion and climate change ; discrim­i­na­tions in the access to health­care systems ; situ­a­tions of migra­tion in past and colo­nial empires, and confronting assim­i­la­tion theo­ries to ethnic and racial research.

The confer­ence will be held online in English. Each 2 hours panel is composed of a keynote speech by an inter­na­tional scholar and 2–3 presen­ta­tions by fellows from the Insti­tute, followed by a Q&A moment. Tech­nical details will be trans­ferred to panel­lists later on.

Thursday 6th May
François Héran (Collège de France, CIMigration)

Moder­ator : Michel Agier (EHESS, Policy-CIMigration)

  • Keynote : Mireille Paquet (Concordia – Canada): Sanc­tuary Cities in Canada
  • Thomas Lacroix (CNRS – project Localacc): Networking dynamics among welcoming cities : Europe and North America in a compar­a­tive perspec­tive Slides
  • Béné­dicte Michalon (CNRS): Unwill­ingly welcoming countryside ?
  • Cyrille Hanappe (ENSA-PB): Urban infor­mality : a part of a welcoming policy ?—Slides

Moder­ator : Lisa Chauvet (CES, Paris 1, Dynamics-CIMigration)

  • Keynote : Lori Hunter (Univer­sity of Colorado Boulder): Migra­tion-Envi­ron­ment Research : Remaining Puzzles and Promising Approaches—Slides
  • Flore Gubert (IRD): Is migra­tion drought-induced in Mali ? An empir­ical analysis using panel data on Malian local­i­ties over the 1987 – 2009 period—Slides
  • Päivi Lujala (Univer­sity of Oulu): Preparing to leave ? House­hold mobility deci­sions in areas affected by climate change in coastal Bangladesh Slides
  • Katrin Millock (PSE): Long-run migra­tion trends and rising temper­a­tures : The role of irri­ga­tion Slides
Friday 7th May

Moder­ator : Maria Melchior (Inserm/​ERES/​Iplesp, Health-CIMigration)

  • Keynote : James Nazroo (Prof. of Soci­ology, Univer­sity of Manchester): Racism, discrim­i­na­tion and the health of ethnic minority people : lessons from the UK—Slides
  • Mathieu Ichou (Ined): Discrim­i­na­tion in health­care as a barrier to care : expe­ri­ences of socially disad­van­taged popu­la­tions in France—Slides
  • Priscille Sauve­grain (Inserm): Exploring the hypoth­esis of discrim­i­na­tion in peri­natal health in France : the example of African women — Slides 
  • Francesca Sirna (CNRS): Crisis and Inter­na­tional Mobility of Euro­pean and non-Euro­pean health workers in the South-East of France : Citi­zen­ship, Gender and Inter­na­tional Process of Health Inequal­i­ties Repro­duc­tion—Slides

Moder­ator : Claire Zalc (CNRS, EHESS, Global-CIMigration)

  • Keynote : Eric Jennings (Univer­sity of Toronto): The Martinique refugee escape route, 1940 – 1941
  • Céline Flory (CNRS, Cerma): Impe­rial poli­cies and inden­tured labor migra­tion in the Caribbean (19th century)—Slides
  • Romy Sánchez (CNRS, IRHiS): Exiles and Banish­ment in the mid-19th Century Spanish Empire. The case of Cuba—Slides
  • Emmanuel Blan­chard (USVQ): The ‘Algerian exode’ during the interwar : crossing colo­nial borders and claims for freedom of movement

Moder­ator : Patrick Simon (Ined, OSC-Sciences Po, Integer-CIMigration)

  • Keynote : Tomás R. Jiménez (Stan­ford Univer­sity): Immi­gra­tion, Assim­i­la­tion, and the Changing Racial Land­scape ?—Slides
  • Mirna Safi (OSC, Sciences Po): Migra­tion and ethno­ra­cial recat­e­go­riza­tion—Slides
  • Sarah Mazouz (Ceraps, Univer­sity of Lille): A Racialised Sense of National Belonging ? French Natu­ral­i­sa­tion Prac­tices and the Unspoken Making of Race 
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