Ten « Conver­gence Insti­tutes » (collab­o­ra­tive insti­tutes) exist in France. They were created in 2016 and 2017 on behalf of an inter­na­tional jury leading the 2nd Programme des Investisse­ments d’avenir.

What is their goal ? To gather research work, bringing together about 400 researchers from various insti­tu­tions in order to combine disci­plines and create an orig­inal training program. The French Collab­o­ra­tive Insti­tute on Migra­tion (CI Migra­tion) is the only program that asso­ciates social sciences, human sciences and health sciences.

It is composed of 5 depart­ments plus 1 depart­ment for the curric­ular. The CI Migra­tion orga­nizes common research activ­i­ties (semi­nars, scien­tific events, publishing…) and finances merging research projects as well as young researcher’s work. A new Master’s degree program will open in September 2020, it will combine human sciences, social sciences and life sciences.

The main goal of the Insti­tute is to encourage a dialogue between science and society with two main actions : to analyze news events through its online maga­zine De facto and to estab­lish a part­ner­ship with local offi­cials (teachers, asso­ci­a­tions, health care prac­ti­tioners, social services…).