PUBLI : Aya Ahmed and Zeinab Nour, « Contemporary Visual Arts Dealing with the Phenomenon of Migration and their Role in Raising up Refugees’ Issues », Journal of Art, Design and Music, vol. 2, n° 2, 2023


Irre­gular migra­tion origi­nated in Europe as a socioe­co­nomic issue ; it gradually trans­formed, as flows of irre­gular refu­gees esca­lated, into a prima­rily poli­tical secu­rity issue, a dilemma that has affected many Euro­pean coun­tries star­ting from 2011, to emerge as a conten­tious issue for the Euro­pean Union, which has become divided against the esca­la­ting pheno­menon of flow of irre­gular refu­gees into Europe.

This flow has been a rich mate­rial for addres­sing, obser­ving and analysis in various fields of huma­ni­ties and arts. Images of the influx of refu­gees” spread all over the world’s news­pa­pers, social media, and tele­vi­sion screens ; it has also become a reason for artists to react to this pheno­menon and its human problems around the world and to carry out visual and mural treat­ments that may sensi­tize people to the refu­gee’s suffe­ring in his/​her home­land as well as throu­ghout their journey.

There­fore, through what has come to be known as the ‘art of migra­tion,’ this paper will review and analyze some visual arts, but espe­cially graf­fiti and mural arts dealing with the flow of migrants issue, espe­cially from the Middle East toward the West, while aiming to high­light the contem­po­rary visual arts that speak up on behalf of the others concer­ning urgent human issues and brin­ging them up to societies.

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