PUBLI : Louis Fernier, Daniel Senovilla (Text) and Maxime Jeune (Cartoon): Comic « Positive migration », 2022

In colla­bo­ra­tion with the cartoo­nist Maxime Jeune, this book presents the main results of the Posi­tive Migra­tion project for the period 2020–2021. You will discover the genesis of our ques­tions, our way of explo­ring them through a parti­ci­pa­tive metho­do­logy with the invol­ve­ment of young migrants, the rich encoun­ters that this project gene­rated, and a first analysis on the posi­tive sides of the migra­tory expe­rience on different territories.

The text was written by Louis Fernier and Daniel Seno­villa and illus­trated by the drawings and dialogues of Maxime Jeune, who rein­ter­prets with humour and accu­racy the reali­ties we encoun­tered in the field.

With the aim of addres­sing to a wide and varied public, inclu­ding acade­mics and profes­sio­nals inter­ested in migra­tion issues, the book “Migra­tion Posi­tive” also seeks to raise aware­ness among the general public by offe­ring a different image – far from the conflicts, contro­ver­sies and biased reali­ties – of the posi­tive contri­bu­tions of the presence of migrants in our societies.

The book can be down­loaded here.

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