CONF : Intervention of Elif Babül in the seminar « Current Issues on Migration » — Tuesday 7th of June 2022, IFEA, Istanbul


Compul­sory Gues­thood, Social Cohe­sion, and the Poli­tics of Hospi­ta­lity in Turkey
This talk explores hospi­ta­lity as a key discur­sive frame­work for refugee mana­ge­ment in Turkey by focu­sing on how the rhetoric of host-guest rela­tions are opera­tio­na­lized at the offi­cial level to represent, inter­pret, and proble­ma­tize the current state of affairs regar­ding the Syrian refu­gees, as well as to formu­late poli­cies for solving those problems. Host-guest meta­phors are used to assert power and leve­rage both domes­ti­cally and inter­na­tio­nally by exer­ting sove­reign control over a post-impe­rial nation-space, perfor­ming neo-impe­rial guar­dian­ship over the down­trodden (espe­cially within the Muslim umma), and clai­ming an ethno-reli­gious, civi­li­za­tional mora­lity that exceeds the lega­listic logic of human rights and entitlements.

Elif Babül 
received her PhD from Stan­ford Univer­sity in 2012. A poli­tical and legal anthro­po­lo­gist, Babül’s primary specia­li­za­tion is in national and trans­na­tional bureau­cra­cies and the poli­tics of human rights in Turkey. Her work has appeared in the American Ethno­lo­gist, PoLAR, Social Anthro­po­logy, and New Pers­pec­tives on Turkey. Her book Bureau­cratic Inti­ma­cies : Trans­la­ting Human Rights in Turkey, publi­shed in 2017 by Stan­ford Univer­sity Press, won the 2018 William A. Douglass Prize for the best book in Euro­pea­nist Anthro­po­logy ; and received an hono­rable mention in the 2019 AAA Middle East Section bien­nial book award compe­ti­tion. She is based in Istanbul during Spring 2022 as an ARIT/​NEH Fellow to conduct research on the poli­tics of hospi­ta­lity in Turkey.

Date and time
Tuesday June 7, 2022 at 18.00

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