PUBLI : Marie-Laure Basilien-Gainche, « Limits at the limes. Diffracting sovereignty at borders », Political Anthropology Research on International Social Sciences PARISS, vol. 2, n° 2, 2021


This paper ques­tions state sove­rei­gnty at borders, by refe­ren­cing the contra­dic­tions that a border control approach based upon secu­rity concerns creates, and the distor­tions between socie­ties of norms and situa­tions of excep­tion that the Euro­pean migra­tion and asylum poli­cies gene­rate. Meanw­hile sove­rei­gnty should corres­pond in a legal theory pers­pec­tive to autho­rity, its expres­sions in the Euro­pean borders consist essen­tially in domi­na­tion. By inves­ti­ga­ting the hiatus between how sove­rei­gnty ought to be in theory and how it is observed in prac­tice, sove­rei­gnty appears to be diffracted n the thick­ness of the fron­tiers. Are explored the methods states develop directly or indi­rectly inside the border zones, exploi­ting the concept of hete­ro­topia Michel Foucault forged : such tool unders­cores how states construct and exploit fron­tiers as useful margins and disso­lu­tion zones. Three methods – extrac­tion, clas­si­fi­ca­tion, obli­te­ra­tion – are high­lighted that corres­pond to the main purposes of border surveillance – control, select, remove -.

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