JOB : A tenure track assistant professor position in applied cultural anthropology for fall 2022, University of North Texas — LIMITE : s/​o

The Depart­ment of Anthro­po­logy at the Univer­sity of North Texas is looking for an applied or prac­ti­cing anthro­po­lo­gist and we would love to receive appli­cants who bring a femi­nist anthro­po­lo­gical approach to their research in any of the areas speci­fied in the call below.

The Depart­ment of Anthro­po­logy at the Univer­sity of North Texas invites appli­ca­tions for a tenure-track assis­tant professor posi­tion in applied cultural anthro­po­logy for Fall 2022. The UNT Depart­ment of Anthro­po­logy is distin­gui­shed as part of a unique group of depart­ments offe­ring a Masters in applied anthro­po­logy, as well as an under­gra­duate BA. We empha­size the use of anthro­po­logy to solve problems and improve people’s lives in the follo­wing areas of focus :

  • envi­ron­mental and ecolo­gical anthropology ;
  • medical anthro­po­logy and public health ;
  • anthro­po­logy of education ;
  • busi­ness, tech­no­logy, and design ;
  • migra­tion and borders ; and
  • urban anthro­po­logy.

We are looking for research and teaching exper­tise in one or more of these focus areas, with prefe­rence given to envi­ron­mental anthro­po­logy and/​or environmental/​racial/​social justice. Respon­si­bi­li­ties of the successful candi­date will include :

  • teach under­gra­duate and graduate anthro­po­logy courses, parti­cu­larly in one of our focus areas. Other courses may be metho­do­lo­gical, theo­re­tical, or of a geogra­phic area,
  • our depart­ment has a strong tradi­tion of online teaching, and the successful candi­date must be willing to teach some distance educa­tion courses (in addi­tion to face-to-face classes),
  • develop applied field and/​or class projects that educate students in anthro­po­lo­gical praxis,
  • mentor under­gra­duate and graduate students,
  • main­tain an active research agenda commen­su­rate with UNT’s ambi­tions and obli­ga­tions as a Carnegie-ranked Tier One public research univer­sity that is also both a Hispanic and Mino­rity Serving insti­tu­tion, and
  • contri­bute to the service of the depart­ment, college, and university.

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