CONF : Lancement de la publication « L’Avenir des Diasporas »—Jeudi 28 octobre 2021, 14h00-15h30, en ligne


Cette publi­ca­tion conjointe ADEPT-IOM vous présente les points de vue de 12 experts des dias­poras sur ce à quoi l’engagement des dias­poras devrait, pour­rait ou même ressem­blera dans les 10 à 20 prochaines années.
Réservez le jeudi 28 octobre à 14h CET pour discuter de ces arti­cles stim­u­lants avec les auteurs eux-mêmes lors d’un sémi­naire en ligne qui s’annonce extrême­ment intéressant.


What does the future hold for dias­pora engage­ment ? At a time where our present efforts are still focused on coping with the contin­uing imme­diate and longer-terms impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, it appears crit­ical to turn our atten­tion towards harnessing emerging oppor­tu­ni­ties and iden­ti­fying and miti­gating future risks to be able to design effec­tive poten­tial responses and seek the contri­bu­tions of key actors.

The Future of Dias­poras project was born out of the real­iza­tion that reflec­tions around dias­pora engage­ment all too often come down to States of play and lacked much-needed forward-looking vision. This publi­ca­tion contains 12 thought-provoking arti­cles written by global experts who have devoted their careers to better under­standing dias­pora engage­ment and creating condi­tions for transna­tional commu­ni­ties to contribute to sustain­able development.

The Future of Dias­pora crys­tal­izes successful collab­o­ra­tion across disci­plines, areas of exper­tise and geographic regions to shed light on the poten­tial of dias­poras for devel­op­ment and the need to keep investing in and calling upon these commu­ni­ties, which have invalu­able poten­tial for both coun­tries of origin and residence.

During this event, the authors will present their insights on how they foresee dias­pora engage­ment in the next 10 to 20 years. The conver­sa­tion will focus on four key areas of dias­pora engage­ment directly related to the topics addressed in the 12 arti­cles : (i) Dias­pora policy ; (ii) Social capital, belonging, and diplo­macy ; (iii) Economic capital and entre­pre­neur­ship ; (iv) Human capital and innovation.


14.00 – 14.15  Opening remarks 

Carine Nsoudou, Exec­u­tive director, ADEPT 

Monica Goracci, Migra­tion Manage­ment Director, IOM 

14.15 – 14.25  Panel 1 : Dias­pora policy 

-“The future of dias­pora” – Kingsley Aikins 

-“Dias­pora Engage­ment Poli­cies in South America” – Ana Margheritis 

14.25 – 14.35  Panel 2 : Social capital, belonging, and diplomacy 

-“Inter­gen­er­a­tional dias­pora engage­ment” – Bashair Ahmed 

-“Raising the future of dias­poras on their own terms : A new sense of belonging” – Emira Ajeti 

14.35 – 14.45  Panel 3 : Economic capital and entrepreneurship 

-“Dias­pora and finance : A real part­ner­ship for home country growth” – Leon Isaacs 

-“Thinking about the future of dias­poras” – Manuel Orozco 

14.45 – 15.00  Panel 4 : Human capital and innovation 

-“The climate and devel­op­ment nexus and the role of the African dias­pora” – Saliem Fakir 

-“Using Tech to Channel Dias­pora Knowl­edge Home” – Ronit Avni 

-“How does diplo­macy fare in a digi­tized world?” – Hon. Paul Raymund Cortes 

15.00 – 15.20  Q&A 
15.20 – 15.30  Closing Remarks 


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