PUBLI : Laurent Faret and Hilary Sanders (dir.), Migrant Protection and the City in the Americas, Palgrave MacMillan, 2021, 302 p.


This book aims to estab­lish a dialogue around the various “urban sanc­tuary” poli­cies and other formal or informal prac­tices of hospi­tality toward migrants that have emerged or been strength­ened in cities in the Amer­icas in the last decade. The authors artic­u­late local gover­nance initia­tives in migrant protec­tion with a larger range of social and polit­ical actors and places them within a broader context of migra­tions in the Western Hemi­sphere (including case studies of Toronto, New York, Austin, Mexico City, and Lima, among others). The book analyzes in partic­ular the limits of local efforts to protect migrants and to iden­tify the lati­tude of action at the disposal of local actors. It exam­ines the efforts of munic­ipal govern­ments and also considers the role taken by cities from a larger perspec­tive, including the actions of immi­grant rights asso­ci­a­tions, churches, NGOs, and other actors in protecting vulner­able migrants.

Table of contents


Laurent Faret & Hilary Sanders

Part 1


Tucson, Arizona : The Poli­tics of Immi­gra­tion-Welcoming Policy in a Near-Border City

James Cohen

From “Safety Zone” to “Welcoming City”: Austin, Texas as an Unfin­ished Urban Sanctuary

Rocio A. Castillo

A Ship Without a Captain : Polit­ical Disen­gage­ment and the Fail­ings of Sanc­tuary City Policy in Toronto, Canada

Graham Hudson

“A Respon­sible and Committed City”: Montréal’s Sanc­tuary Policy

Idil Atak

New Path­ways to Sanc­tuary in New York City

Hilary Sanders

Part 2


Sello Migrante or Restric­tive Hospi­tality : The Case of the Commune of Quili­cura in Santiago de Chile

Claudia Arel­lano Yévenes & Cristián Orrego Rivera

Has Mexico City Truly Become a Ciudad hospi­ta­laria ? Insights from the Expe­ri­ence of Central Amer­ican Migrants

Laurent Faret

Hostility, Human­i­tar­i­anism, and Radical Soli­darity with Migrants in Tijuana, Mexico

Dolores París Pombo &Verónica Montes

A Sanc­tuary City ? San Jose’s Immi­grant Recep­tion and Social Inte­gra­tion Policies

Abelardo Morales-Gamboa

Lima as a Welcoming City for Venezuelan Migrants ? Trans­for­ma­tions, Tensions, and Chal­lenges in a New Urban Destination

Isabel Berganza Setién & Cécile Blouin


Laurent Faret & Hilary Sanders

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