PUBLI : Anne Gosselin, Maria Melchior, Diane Desprat, François-Xavier Devetter, Julie Pannetier, Emmanuel Valat et Sarah Memmi, « Were immigrants on the frontline during the lockdown ? Evidence from France », European Journal of Public Health, August 2021


In France, immi­grants’ excess of morta­lity was higher than natives’ during the Spring 2020 lock­down. Were immi­grants in front­line jobs and more exposed to Covid-19 ? Based on a natio­nally repre­sen­ta­tive survey, we model the proba­bi­lity to work in a front­line job accor­ding to migra­tory status, taking socio­de­mo­gra­phic and occu­pa­tional charac­te­ris­tics into account. Compared to natives (Metro­po­litan France), being an African immi­grant was asso­ciated to higher proba­bi­lity to work in a front­line job [adjusted odds ratio (aOR) = 1.82 (1.23–2.71)], as well as being born in French Over­seas Depart­ments [aOR = 1.64 (1.23–2.18)], reflec­ting racial divi­sion of work and higher Sars-Cov‑2 expo­sure of immi­grant and mino­rity populations.

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