PUBLI : Francesco Della Puppa and Fabio Perocco (Dir.), Special Issue « THE CORONAVIRUS CRISIS AND MIGRATION. Inequalities, Discrimination, Resistance », Two Homelands, 2021


The Journal Two Home­lands has published the special issue “THE CORONAVIRUS CRISIS AND MIGRATION. Inequal­i­ties, Discrim­i­na­tion, Resis­tance”, guest editors Francesco Della Puppa and Fabio Perocco (both Univer­sity of Venice).

It exam­ines the conse­quences of the pandemic on the health, working, housing, admin­is­tra­tive condi­tions of immi­grant workers, migrants, and asylum seekers in the world, with atten­tion to the new inequal­i­ties and to the impact on migra­tion policies.


The Coro­n­avirus Crisis and Migra­tion : Inequal­i­ties, Discrim­i­na­tion, Resistance

Francesco Della Puppa, Fabio Perocco

Coro­n­avirus Crisis and Migra­tion : The Pan-Syndemic and Its Impact on Migrants
Fabio Perocco

Vulner­a­bil­i­ties of Internal Returnee Migrants in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic in India
Arun Kumar Acharya, Sanjib Patel

The Muslim Precariat of Assam : Conta­gion, Migrants, and COVID-19
Yasmin Saikia

Social Stigma and COVID-19 : The Expe­ri­ences of Bangladeshi Returnees from Italy
Mohammad Riduan Parvez

Entry Denied : Japan’s Border Restric­tions in the Time of the COVID-19 Emergency
Nicola Costalunga

COVID-19, Racial Capi­talism, and Undoc­u­mented Bangladeshi Agri­cul­tural Workers in Manolada, Greece
Reena Kukreja

Online Educa­tion of Margin­al­ized Chil­dren in North Mace­donia and Italy During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Marina Cenedese, Ivana Spirovska

Migra­tion and Legal Precarity in the Time of Pandemic : Qual­i­ta­tive Research on the Italian Case
Paola Boniz­zoni, Senyo Dotsey

Italian Recep­tion Poli­cies and Pandemic : From Exclu­sion to Abandonment
Davide Filippi, Luca Giliberti

Old Rhetoric and New Devices : Quar­an­tine Ships as an Instru­ment of Externalization
Stefania Spada

The “Double Emer­gency” and the Secu­ri­ti­za­tion of the Human­i­tarian Approach in the Italian Recep­tion System within the Pandemic Crisis
Giuliana Sanò, Omid Firouzi Tabar

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