AAC : 11th Annual International Conference on immigration in OECD countries, 13–14 December — LIMITE : 25/​09/​2021

11th Annual Inter­na­tional Confer­ence on IMMIGRATION IN OECD COUNTRIES

13–14 December 2021

OECD Confer­ence Centre, Paris

The CEPII, LISER and the OECD as well as their part­ners from the Fondazione Rodolfo De Benedetti, Paris School of Economics, Univer­sity of Lille (LEM) and Univer­sity of Luxem­bourg are jointly orga­nizing the 11th Annual Confer­ence on « Immi­gra­tion in OECD Coun­tries » on December 13–14, 2021. The confer­ence will examine the economic aspects of inter­na­tional migra­tion in OECD coun­tries by mapping the migra­tory flows and analyzing their socio-economic deter­mi­nants and conse­quences. Topics of interest include, among others, the deter­mi­nants of immi­gra­tion to the OECD, migrants’ self-selec­tion, the polit­ical economy of immi­gra­tion, its labor market and public finance effects, as well as migrants and refugees social, polit­ical and economic integration.


Giovanni Facchini (NOTTINGHAM)
Christina Gath­mann (LISER)
Paola Giulano (UCLA)

A selec­tion of papers from the confer­ence will be consid­ered for publi­ca­tion in a special issue of the Labour Economics.


All papers exam­ining immi­gra­tion in OECD coun­tries from an economic perspec­tive will be consid­ered. Authors must submit a full paper. The author making the submis­sion must provide the full names, affil­i­a­tions, and email addresses of all coau­thors for each submis­sion. Please note that each indi­vidual may present only one paper during the confer­ence, though they may be listed as a co-author on multiple papers.

There is no regis­tra­tion fee. A confer­ence dinner will be hosted on 13th December. The orga­nizers are not in a posi­tion to cover travel costs. However, they will cover up to three nights of accom­mo­da­tion in a hotel close to the confer­ence venue


25 September 2021 : Dead­line for submit­ting papers
15 October 2021 : Authors are noti­fied of the selec­tion results
30 November 2021 : Dead­line for registration

Submis­sions and ques­tions to be sent to : immigrationworkshop2021@​cepii.​fr


Michel Beine (Univer­sité du Luxem­bourg, CREA), Xavier Chojnicki (Univer­sité de Lille, LEM), Patricia Cortes (Boston Univer­sity), Fred­eric Docquier (LISER), Jean- Christophe Dumont (OECD), Anthony Edo (CEPII), Tommaso Frat­tini (Univer­sity of Milan), Christina Gath­mann (LISER), Albrecht Glitz (Pompeu Fabra), Camille Hémet (Paris School of Economics, Univer­sité Paris 1), Hubert Jayet (Univer­sité de Lille, LEM), Thomas Liebig (OECD), Anna-Maria Mayda (George­town Univer­sity), Paolo Pinotti (Univer­sità Bocconi and Fondazione Rodolfo De benedetti), Lionel Ragot (Univer­sité Paris Nanterre, EconomiX, CEPII), Hillel Rapoport (Paris School of Economics, Univer­sité Paris 1, CEPII), Ariell Reshef (Paris School of Economics, CNRS, CEPII), Jan Stuhler (Carlos III Madrid), Arthur Sweetman (McMaster University).