AAC : Springer JDSA Special Issue « Data Science in Human Migration and Mobility »—LIMITE : 15/​10/​2021

Springer JDSA Special Issue : « Data Science in Human Migration and Mobility »

Submission deadline (AOE)*: 15th October 2021
First decision deadline (AOE)*: 15th December 2021

*Special issue description*

Research in human migra­tion and mobility covers a wide area of disci­plines and is typi­cally performed using various data types such as census data, registries and surveys, collected by govern­mental insti­tu­tions and national statis­tics offices. These data suffer from a set of limi­ta­tions related to time and space reso­lu­tion that makes analysis of a cross-border phenom­enon such as migra­tion and inter­na­tional mobility far from straight-forward. Social big data have been proposed to fill some of the gaps and comple­ment tradi­tional data types. Approaches have started to appear, and they promise to enable the construc­tion of new migra­tion-related indices that can provide better time and space reso­lu­tion. Analysis is diffi­cult here as well, as big data may suffer from selec­tion bias and other issues. It remains to be seen how these data will actu­ally fill the gaps in tradi­tional data, and whether they will open new avenues for migra­tion and mobility research.

This special issue aims to enable the sharing of expe­ri­ences with novel data types and migra­tion and mobility among an inter­dis­ci­pli­nary set of researchers and audi­ence. We want to bring together not only researchers from acad­emia, but also from insti­tu­tions working with migra­tion, and industry. The overall objec­tive is to under­stand better what are the plau­sible areas of study where big data can make a differ­ence, and what are the method­olo­gies employed to date.

*Guest editors* 


We welcome submis­sions of papers on topics related to migra­tion research using novel data sources. These include but are not limited to :

  • Under­standing migra­tion and mobility flows using big data sources. This may include nowcasting flows using social media or mobile phone data, visu­al­i­sa­tion and analysis of flows using big data, predic­tion of flows based on big data, analysis of flows within very specific domains, e.g. scien­tific migra­tion, labour migra­tion, seasonal migration.
  • Esti­mating migra­tion stocks using big data. This topic may include nowcasting immi­gra­tion rates based on social media and other big data types, visu­al­ising such data, vali­dating indices.
  • Under­standing push and pull factors in different types of migra­tion and mobility, which can include analysis of the brain drain phenom­enon, economic migra­tion, data on refugees, senti­ment analysis, seasonal mobility, etc.
  • Studying the connec­tion between policy changes and migra­tion and mobility using big data analytics.
  • Studying mobility and migra­tion in emer­gency situ­a­tions such as envi­ron­mental events, pandemics (COVID-19), etc.
  • Eval­u­ating socio-economic and cultural inte­gra­tion of migrants with big data. This can include analysis of different inte­gra­tion measures extracted from various types of data.
  • Eval­u­ating the socio-economic effects of migra­tion and mobility on the receiving society.
  • Inte­grating big data models and tradi­tional data sources for migra­tion and mobility.
  • Ethics of big data in the context of human migra­tion and mobility.

*Paper submis­sion*

All papers must be orig­inal and not simul­ta­ne­ously submitted to another journal or confer­ence. The papers will be subject to blind peer-review and screened by the JDSA edito­rial. We expect a maximum of two rounds of revi­sions : submis­sions still requiring major revi­sions at the second round will not be accepted.

The papers must comply with the JDSA submis­sion guide­lines, as detailed here :

https://​www​.springer​.com/​j​o​u​r​n​a​l​/​4​1​0​6​0​/​s​u​b​m​i​s​s​i​o​n​-​g​u​i​d​elines Submis­sions must be accom­pa­nied by a cover letter under­lining the orig­i­nality and signif­i­cance of the contri­bu­tions. During submis­sion, please select “SI : Data Science in Human Migra­tion and Mobility” when choosing the article type.