PUBLI : Linda Haapajärvi, Jean-Barthelemi Debost et Nada Afiouni, « Muslim cemeteries and politics of belonging. A comparative case study of France, Finland and Britain », AEMI Journal, vol. 17 – 18, 2020, p. 53 – 72


The premise of this article is to under­stand Islamic ceme­teries as sites of poli­tics of belonging and the nego­ti­a­tion of national belonging in the face of death and burial. The specific sites to which this article refers are Helsinki (Finland), Paris (France) and London (United Kingdom).
In these coun­tries there are various Muslim minori­ties, but they also differ in their respec­tive migra­tion histo­ries, the legal frame­work of burial regu­la­tion and their tradi­tions of regu­lating cultural diver­sity. The article exam­ines the ques­tion of Islamic burial as prob­lem­atic in selected
national contexts at different times. By visu­al­ising the specific burial sites in all three ethni­cally and reli­giously plural soci­eties, it aims at concretising and unrav­el­ling the compar­a­tive analysis of contem­po­rary Muslim prac­tices in selected locations.

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