JOB : Faculty Position in Sociology at ENSAE Paris-CREST (quantitative sociology) [Limite : 31 mars 2021]

ENSAE Paris and CREST are currently inviting appli­ca­tions for a posi­tion of Assis­tant (or Asso­ciate) Professor in Soci­ology.
ENSAE Paris is one of the leading French Grande Écoles special­ized in Economics, Data Science, Quan­ti­ta­tive Social Sciences, Finance and Actu­arial Science. CREST (Center for Research in Economics and Statis­tics) is the asso­ci­ated inter­dis­ci­pli­nary center (joint with CNRS and Ecole Poly­tech­nique) for research on quan­ti­ta­tive methods applied to the social sciences. Both insti­tu­tions are part of the Institut Poly­tech­nique de Paris, a new cluster of grad­uate schools of engi­neering, located on the campus of Ecole Poly­tech­nique in the south of Paris.
Soci­ol­o­gists at ENSAE Paris-CREST use empir­ical data and quan­ti­ta­tive methods to study ques­tions of strat­i­fi­ca­tion and social inequality. We have a strong exper­tise in statis­tical method­ology and a rich prac­tice with national and inter­na­tional datasets and new forms of data. Our current work addresses ques­tions of social mobility and inequality ; demog­raphy, gender and the family ; lifestyles and cultural prac­tices ; economic soci­ology ; migra­tion and immi­gra­tion ; health inequal­i­ties ; social science genomics ; polit­ical prac­tices ; compu­ta­tional social sciences. The research group has a proac­tive visiting scholar policy and a research seminar with regular partic­i­pa­tion from inter­na­tional scholars. We teach courses in the ENSAE curriculum and in the Master program in Quan­ti­ta­tive Soci­ology and Demog­raphy. We have a dynamic group of doctoral students who partic­i­pate actively in the daily life and research activ­i­ties of the CREST soci­ology team.
Descrip­tion of position
Date of appoint­ment : begin­ning of 2022 (nego­tiable).
Candi­date Profile :
– PhD in Soci­ology or a related disci­pline (at the time of appointment);
– Solid general knowl­edge in sociology ;
– Profi­ciency in quan­ti­ta­tive methods ;
– Strong publi­ca­tion record or potential ;
– Profi­ciency in French ;
– Profi­ciency or working knowl­edge in English ;
– Partic­i­pa­tion in inter­na­tional acad­emic networks.
The posi­tion has no citi­zen­ship require­ment. Contract type (Assis­tant or Asso­ciate) and salary depend on the diplomas, expe­ri­ence and research poten­tial of the successful candi­date. At the Assis­tant Professor level the tenure-track posi­tion is for a six-year period (with mid-term eval­u­a­tion) and with a possi­bility for tenure (Asso­ciate Professor). Assis­tant Profes­sors are expected to teach at least one course at the under­grad­uate level and one course at the Master level. Asso­ciate Profes­sors typi­cally teach one more advanced course.
Appli­cants should submit (recruitment@​ensae.​fr) the following docu­ments (in English, PDF format):
– Curriculum vitae ;
– Research state­ment of expe­ri­ence and inter­ests (3 pages);
– Teaching state­ment of expe­ri­ence and inter­ests (1 page);
– Names and corre­sponding infor­ma­tion of three indi­vid­uals willing to provide letters of reference.
Appli­ca­tion Dead­line : March 31, 2021
Selected candi­dates will be invited for an inter­view at ENSAE Paris-CREST.
Contact persons
– Ivaylo D. Petev, head of CREST Soci­ology : ivaylo.​petev@​ensae.​fr
– Arnak Dalalyan, director of CREST : arnak.​dalalyan@​ensae.​fr
– Laurent Davezies, head of grad­uate studies at ENSAE Paris : laurent.​davezies@​ensae.​fr