CONF : Séminaire “The Coloniality of Migration” — Mercredi 20 janvier 2021, 17h, en ligne

The Seminar Series on Forced Migra­tion is part of Europe-Asia Research Plat­form on Forced Migra­tion at the Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen (IWM) and Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group (CRG); and is hosted at the Depart­ment of Social and Cultural Anthro­pology at the Univer­sity of Vienna.

Europe-Asia Research Plat­form on Forced Migra­tion advances the coop­er­a­tion between Euro­pean and South Asian insti­tu­tions and acad­e­mics while working toward creating a joint research plat­form for inno­v­a­tive knowl­edge produc­tion on forced migra­tion and border regimes. Bringing together scholars, policy makers and prac­ti­tioners from different disci­plines and regions, the Seminar Series aspires to decen­tering Europe-focused schol­ar­ship, debates, and poli­cies on forced migration.

The Seminar Series, as part of Europe-Asia Research Plat­form on Forced Migra­tion, bene­fits from the research plat­form The Chal­lenge of Urban Futures at the Univer­sity of Vienna and Cities and Human Mobility Collab­o­ra­tive at the Zolberg Insti­tute on Migra­tion and Mobility at the New School for Social Research.

The Seminar Series brings speakers from different disci­plines to discuss topics ranging from changing regimes and forms of gover­nance of migrants/​refugees ; the soli­darity networks and demands for social justice as entan­gled with increasing inequal­i­ties, austerity poli­tics, and racism ; the insti­tu­tional compo­nents regu­lating and managing different forms of displace­ment ; incor­po­ra­tion and exclu­sion of refugees and migrants from labor markets and protec­tion regimes along the lines of gender, race, reli­gion, and work.

“The Colo­niality of Migration”

The upcoming seminar will be given by Prem Kumar Rajaram (Depart­ment of Soci­ology and Social Anthro­pology, Central Euro­pean Univer­sity), titled “The Colo­niality of Migra­tion” and is sched­uled for Wednesday, January 20, 2021 starting at 5pm CET (Vienna time). The event will be held online. Everyone is welcome.

Seminar Series on Forced Migration

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