CONF : Conference « Internment Camps The (Enforced) Placement and “Custody” of Refugees in the Past and the Present » — 2 – 4 December 2020, online

Annual Conference of the Austrian Association for Exile Research (öge) in coop­er­a­tion with the Department for Contemporary History (University of Vienna) and the research network “Migration, Citizenship and Belonging” (Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Vienna)

2 – 4 December 2020, Vienna

The confer­ence aims to facil­i­tate an exten­sive engage­ment with the orga­nized, state-​led, and forced place­ment of refugees in both the past and present. The emphasis will be on a compar­a­tive perspec­tive – synchronic as well as diachronic. One of the key aims of the confer­ence is to make visible the paral­lels and differ­ences between the prac­tices and types of intern­ment in different coun­tries – while consid­ering the specific histor­ical contexts. Another impor­tant focus will be the nexus of rela­tion­ships and agen­cies which consti­tute the camps in ques­tion as tran­si­tory spaces. The contri­bu­tions consist of analyses of local phenomena or case studies as well as compar­a­tive engage­ments from an inter­na­tional or histor­ical perspective.


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