Laura Odasso, « I figli delle coppie miste in Francia e in Italia. Progetti genitoriali e processi di definizione di sé (1990−2014) », in : V. Gourdon, M. Gasperoni et C. Grange (dir.), Les mariages mixtes dans les sociétés contemporaines. Diversité religieuse, différences nationales, 2019, p. 261 – 283.

Début de l’article traduit de l’italien

« Family choices are based on iden­tity, commu­nity and insti­tu­tional dynamics that affect the bound­aries between social groups. The forma­tion of bina­tional and mixed couples is a partic­ular phenom­enon. Linked to the migra­tion issue, such unions oblige soci­eties to a contin­uous rede­f­i­n­i­tion of the rela­tion­ship to other­ness, be it juridical, ethnic, cultural, reli­gious, or linguistic. In the context of studies on mixed unions, at the cross­roads of the soci­ology of migra­tion, the soci­ology of the family and the soci­ology of racism, this chapter deals with the self-defi­n­i­tion processes of chil­dren of hetero­sexual couples formed by an Italian or French partner and a partner from an « Arab » country (Morocco, Lebanon or Jordan), living in urban or peri-urban areas of Alsace (France) and Veneto (Italy). (…) »

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