CONF : International Conference « Négocier l’accueil. Migrants, réfugiés et sociétés d’accueil » — 20–22 mars 2019, Institut historique allemand et Centre Les Récollets

Who do we welcome into our socie­ties ? Whom do we deny asylum and accom­mo­da­tion ? Over the last years, we have witnessed rather emotional debates in the media and the public sphere poin­ting to the so-called »migrant crisis« – in France, Germany and in many other Euro­pean coun­tries. These debates reveal a much-forgotten reality : indi­vi­duals and groups in need do not find ipso facto asylum and support in a given country, even if the latter claims to comply with human rights law and huma­ni­ta­rian prin­ciples. Asylum has to be nego­tiated. Asylum is asked for, soli­cited and argued for. The actors involved develop specific stra­te­gies, they nego­tiate, they some­times make deals and they quite often have to plead or to contend for inter­na­tional aid. There is much at stake : helping people in need means that we draw on a given country’s resources to allow »alien people« to benefit from it – in the form of food, accom­mo­da­tion, diplo­matic or even mili­tary aid. With the confe­rence »Nego­tia­ting Asylum« we intend to bring toge­ther and compare examples from the early modern and modern periods. This should allow us to better unders­tand prac­tices of nego­tia­tion by high­ligh­ting diffe­rences or simi­la­ri­ties and raising new sets of questions.

  • Orga­ni­sa­tion : Musée national de l’histoire de l’immigration, univer­sité de Toulouse/​Framespa, univer­sité de Bayreuth et IHA, avec le soutien de la DFG, de l’Institut Conver­gences Migra­tions, de l’Institut univer­si­taire de France, de l’université de Grenoble/​LUHCIE ainsi que de Sciences Poli­tiques Toulouse/​LaSSP
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