FINAL CONFERENCE : « Growth, Equal Opportunities, Migration and Markets » — Vendredi 26 et samedi 27 octobre 2018, Paris


  • GEMM (Growth, Equal Oppor­tu­ni­ties, Migra­tion and Markets) Project


  • Univer­sity of Essex
  • Utrecht Univer­sity
  • New Europe Centre for Regional Studies (NEC)
  • Univer­sity of Milano-Bicocca
  • Wissenschaft­szen­trum Berlin fur Sozial­forschung (WZB)
  • Univer­sity of Oslo
  • Center for Urban and Regional Soci­ology (CURS)
  • Univer­sidad Carlos III de Madrid
  • Univer­sity of Oxford
  • Univer­sity of Amsterdam

Infos pratiques

  • 26th of October, 2018 : Centre de Confer­ences Edouard VII – Paris Opera ; 27th of October, 2018 : Hotel Mercure Paris Opera Faubourg – Montmartre
  • For more infor­ma­tion and to register for these events, please contact Mr Marco Mangiantini (GEMM Project Officer):
  • Page source : http://​gemm2020​.eu/


The GEMM project (Growth, Equal Oppor­tu­ni­ties, Migra­tion and Markets) is having its final policy confer­ence in Paris. The project delivers an assess­ment of labour market inequal­i­ties of migrants and minori­ties in Europe. We espe­cially focus on highly skilled migrants to Europe, who do not always find jobs in which their skills are used most effec­tively. By under­standing the drivers of these inequal­i­ties and deter­mining how insti­tu­tional factors account for differ­ences between coun­tries, we provide recom­men­da­tions of great prac­tical and policy rele­vance. We achieve our goals through using different research methods – exper­i­ments, in-depth inter­views and statis­tical analyses of existing data – and through consid­ering different deter­mi­nants – indi­vidual, contex­tual and insti­tu­tional. We are thus able to compare inte­gra­tion processes and outcomes over different coun­tries in Europe, and high­light the factors that help to success­fully inte­grate migrants and minori­ties in the host country labour market – to the benefit of both minori­ties and the majority popu­la­tion. The policy event will concen­trate on the body of policy-rele­vant work produced during the course of the project.


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