Cris Beauchemin (Dir.), Migration between Africa and Europe, 2018


This volume examines migra­tion between Africa and Europe, rather than just from Africa to Europe. Based on a unique socio-demo­gra­phic survey carried out both in origin and desti­na­tion coun­tries (MAFE survey), it argues that return migra­tion, circulation,and trans­na­tional prac­tices are signi­fi­cant. Policy design must also take these factors into account. Compa­ring in a syste­matic way three flows of African migrants (from Demo­cratic Repu­blic of Congo, Ghana and Senegal), this study offers a new view on the patterns, deter­mi­nants, and family and economic effects of migra­tion. By compa­ring six Euro­pean coun­tries (Belgium, France, Italy, the Nether­lands, Spain and the UK), it shows that the dyna­mics of migra­tion differ greatly in new vs. old desti­na­tion coun­tries. Based on a statis­tical analysis of life histo­ries, this study provides a dynamic view of migra­tion that will help readers better unders­tand current trends as well as future trajec­to­ries. It will appeal to resear­chers, acade­mics, prac­ti­tio­ners, and others inter­ested in taking a deeper look in (im)migration issues.


Dr Cris Beau­chemin is resear­cher at INED and asso­ciate professor at the depart­ment of demo­graphy of the Univer­sity of Montreal. He holds his PhD from the Univer­sity Paris 8. Prior to joining INED, he spent 3 years at the Univer­sity of Montreal (Demo­graphy Depart­ment). Most of his research is about migra­tion and connec­tions between places of origin and desti­na­tion. Cove­ring both domestic and inter­na­tional migra­tion, espe­cially in the African context, his works relate to trends of migra­tion, migrants’ invest­ments, return migra­tion, trans­na­tional fami­lies, inte­gra­tion and trans­na­tio­na­lism… In the last decade, he was respon­sible of projects invol­ving large scale surveys : the Migra­tion between Africa and Europe project (MAFE) and the Trajec­to­ries and origin survey in France (TeO).